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Amsterdam Light Festival


What’s it all about?
Lasting 55 days this year and donning the theme ‘friendship’, the whole idea behind the Amsterdam light festival is to try and lift peoples’ spirits during the darker, winter months – by bathing the city in lights. Prepared by talented light artists, it gives them an opportunity to present their beautiful work to all the visitors of Amsterdam.

Image credit: Julia700702, Shutterstock

What can you do whilst you’re there?
During the light festival, the city offers two rather spectacular ways of seeing the multitude of displays, one of which you can take by boat, the other on foot.

‘Water Colours’
This 75 minute boat tour gives you the opportunity to explore a very unique view of the lights by water, cruising along Amsterdam’s famous canals. An evening tour which takes place every day (apart from New Year ’s Day), means that you can see the lights at their very best, as they brighten the dark winter skies. You can book a ticket for the boat tour here.

Image credit: Julia700702, Shuttershock

Image credit: Julia700702, Shuttershock

If you would rather observe the lights during a romantic, winding walk through the city, you can take an evening stroll through the neighbourhoods of Weesper and Plantage. Here, you’ll get to see beautiful projections illuminating historical buildings, parks which are home to vibrant lighting systems, and even displays that you can physically walk through and explore.

Image credit: Jasper Vis

Image credit: Julia700702, Shuttershock

So if you’re looking for a short break or getaway this winter which offers a sprinkling of culture, is a little bit different and isn’t a million miles away, the Amsterdam light festival could be right up your street. Happening from now until 17th January 2016, and only just over a 5 hour drive from Dover, you could be in for the perfect weekend away in time for the New Year.

To book your beautifully bright weekend away in Amsterdam, visit the Great Escapes website.

2 thoughts on “Amsterdam Light Festival

  1. I’d not heard of this before but it sounds like a fabulous festival. Seeing the lights from a boat with all the refelections in the water must be magical!

  2. It looks like the backdrop to a Flaming Lips concert – which is a bonus.

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