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Picture Postcard… from Bayeux, Normandy

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Bayeux, Calvados, Normandy

Bayeux, Calvados, Normandy

In the heart of the D-Day Landing beaches, the historic city of Bayeux, is best known for the Bayeux Tapestry which depicts life in the Middle Ages and, in particular,  the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England. But don’t just come to Bayeux to see the tapestry, be sure to leave time to explore the charming narrow cobbled streets of the old town with quaint shops and inviting bistros, and at its heart Bayeux’s huge Notre Dame Cathedral, a masterpiece of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, consecrated by William the Conqueror in 1077.

And if you visit on a Wednesday or Saturday morning a traditional market sells local produce including many fine gastronomic specialties of the area, many of which make perfect souvenirs.

Image by G. Wait,  copyright OTI Bayeux-Bessin / G. Wait

One thought on “Picture Postcard… from Bayeux, Normandy

  1. Sounds lovely, Kathryn 🙂 I imagine it to be not dissimilar to Giverny, but bigger, of course.

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