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Picture postcard from… Bruges, Belgium


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St. Bonifaciusbrug in Bruges*

One of the most photographed bridges in Bruges, St Bonifaciusbrug bridge is actually one of the youngest in the city, dating back to the early 20th century. You’ll find it in a particularly charming area with cobbled streets, historic buildings and the sound of horses hoofs clip-clopping passed pulling carriages full of tourists, as are the little boats that pass under the bridge. It’s a very romantic spot and the perfect place to it sit down on one of the hidden benches and watch the world go by.

The Church of Our Lady, seen here in the background, took two centuries (13th-15th) to build. It has many lovely art treasures, most notably a beautiful Carrara marble Madonna and Child sculpture by Michelangelo. One of only a few of Michelangelo’s works that can be seen outside Italy.  While currently being renovated, this lovely church is still well worth a visit and the 1 Euro fee to see the famous sculpture.

*Image courtesy of Flanders Tourist Board

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6 thoughts on “Picture postcard from… Bruges, Belgium

  1. Bruges looks so much nicer when the sun is shinning – we unfortunately spent two days and it rained the whole time – on the positive side, cooler weather mean yummy waffles!

  2. Did you know that when constructing this bridge, tombstones were used in the railing of the bridge?
    Around the church there was a cemetery until the end of the 1700’s. Then Josef II ordered that all cemeteries had to be outside the city walls. There were some tombstones left, these were used when this beautiful bridge was built in 1910.
    You can still see a tombstone in the railing today. I point it out on my tour…
    Andy, Your Bruges

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